Laboratory Profile Measurement KDvision-LAB

The new generation of laboratory profile measurement

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Special Features:

  • Ready to use, incl. Touch-Panel-PC for operating, data base and network integration
  • Easy handling and operation
  • Non-contact capacitive measurement for all non-conductive plastic materials
  • Auto calibration by integrated high-precision micrometer
  • Auto start/stop detection of film sample, multi-cut films possible
  • Easy configurable auto filters (wrinkle detection)
  • Data export tools
  • Capacitive measuring with adjustable number of points
  • Display of raw data and filtered data (%, μm, 2-Sigma, 3-Sigma)
  • Mechanical measuring according to ISO 4593 by integrated micrometer
  • No need of guiding roller assemblies

Operator screen

with touch capability

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incl. export functions

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Print report

individually customizable

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Technical Data:

Film band width: 75-95mm
Sample length: up to 25m
Meas. range: 5μm to 500μm
Meas. speed: Up to 60mm/s (continuous capacitive mode)
Meas. interval: 50ms
Resolution: 0.1μm
Accuracy:0.2μm mechanical / 1% capacitive

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