Counterflow Air Cooling Ring KARAT COM3

Patented high performance technology

The new dimension in bubble cooling - KARAT COM 3 air ring sets new standards:

In the past the air ring limited the performance of a line. The new design of the high-performance air ring KARAT by Kdesign changes everything. Since its introduction it has been proven and tested in all applications and lines.

Peak performance is no magic, but results from the profound knowledge of technical correlation, based on substantial fluidic studies and thorough practical tests carried out in cooperation with our customers.

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Patented System

The advantages of our air ring concept are:

  • Considerably higher output (by 25-60%)
  • Easy handling
  • Wide operating range
  • Low power consumption (relating to performance in kg)
  • Fast return on invest
  • Easy to upgrade

Typical Installations:

Lamination Film

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Stretch Hood Film

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Packaging Film

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