Air-Cooling-Ring Systems KARAT

For a maximum performance of your production lines!

The decisive factor for the film quality and performance of blown-film extrusion lines is the air ring. Therefore Kdesign has developed the high-performance air ring KARAT , which has been proving its productive efficiency on several hundred lines, day by day.

The development of the KARAT air ring is based on substantial fluidic studies and thorough practical tests, along with our customers.

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The high-performance air ring KARAT stands out for:

  • Highest cooling rate
  • Improved film tolerances
  • Absolute even air distribution
  • Excellent bubble stability
  • Maximum air flow, minimum pressure drop
  • Easy handling
  • Optimal retrofitting of gauge control system VARIOcool

For diameters of up to 2500 mm

Small step – but huge effect!

The replacement of your existing air ring by a high-performance air ring KARAT represents a small investment which will pay off rapidly. The retrofitted lines attain a considerable production increased (regularly over 25%) and an improvement of the film tolerances.

100mm Die Head

After retrofitting 50% increased output and thickness tolerance improvement.

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300mm Die Head

After retrofitting 46% increased output and thickness tolerance improvement.

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315mm Die Head

After retrofitting 41% increased output and thickness tolerance improvement.

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550mm Die Head

After retrofitting 31% increased output and thickness tolerance improvement.

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All air rings made by Kdesign are designed according to user requirements and are suitable for the following applications:

  • Die sizes 50 - 2500 mm diameter
  • Stationary and rotating die heads
  • Normal or long-neck bubble
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In addition to our Karat air rings we offer a wide range of auxiliary equipment:

  • Motorised lip adjustment:
    For an easier handling of bigger air rings and a reproducible adjustment of the air ring
  • Lifting devices:
    For an easier start-up and die gap cleaning
  • Housing insulation:
    To avoid the forming of condensed water
  • Air distribution systems:
    Low pressure drop, for a direct connection with the air ring
  • Blowers and heat exchangers:
    Matching the air ring

In addition to the application in the blown-film extrusion we also offer air rings for the optimisation of foam extrusion lines.

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