Gauge Control System VARIOcool

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The gauge control systems VARIOcool are based on an alteration of the quantity of the cooling air and are in use all over the world, in all applications. Due to the specially developed variants for the corresponding application and extrusion line requirements the highest degree of improvement for your product quality is guaranteed.

The flexible gauge control system which can be combined with any air ring sets standards for quality improvement, rapidness, reliability and operation.

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Patented System


Due to its modular and independent design the system can be adapted to the different air rings of almost all other manufacturers of blown-film lines.



VARIOcool HD is the special system for the long-neck operation mode.

Optimum results with automatic calculation of the neck torsion.



This system is specially designed for the application on side gussets stationary lines and does not only improve the thickness profile but also the winding result.



This special solution is applied for all rotating or reversing die heads. The system can also be used for lines with rotating platforms.



VARIOcool AF in combination with our high-performance air ring KARAT is the optimum system for agrofoil lines and has been particularly adapted to the special requirements of agrofoil.



The manual profile optimisation with adjustment display for a reproducible improvement of the thickness profile. This variant offers optimisation at a very low cost.

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Overview of the VARIOcool:

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  • TFT display with touch screen operation
  • Integrated laser printer
  • Including remote diagnosis and service
  • Comfortable visualisation based on Windows
  • Network connection
  • Integration of further automation components

For the profile measuring we apply contacting, contactless capacity thickness measuring or radiometric thickness measurement devices placed on a reversing unit or in the collapsing frame, depending on application, film product and line design. Special measuring devices – e.g. for barrier film – are capacitive sensors placed in the collapsing frame or also contactless radiometric measuring set on reversing units.

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